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Bookkeeping and Financial Statements

Bookkeeping and Financial Statements

Maintain accurate financial records and generate timely statements to gain valuable insights into your business's financial health.
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Tax Preparation and Planning

Tax Preparation and Planning

Expert assistance in preparing and filing your taxes, maximizing deductions, and developing effective tax strategies to minimize liabilities.
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Payroll Services

Payroll Services

Streamline your payroll process, including payroll calculations, tax withholding, and issuance of paychecks or direct deposits for your employees.
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Independent examination and evaluation of your financial records, internal controls, and compliance with industry standards and regulations.
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Outsourcing accounting services in Dubai, UAE can offer numerous advantages to businesses of all sizes. Here are some of the key benefits:

Cost Savings:

Cost Savings:

Outsourcing accounting services can lead to significant cost savings. Hiring and training in-house accounting staff can be expensive, whereas outsourcing allows businesses to access experienced professionals at a fraction of the cost.

Focus on Core Business Activities:

Focus on Core Business Activities:

By outsourcing accounting services, businesses can concentrate on their core competencies and strategic objectives. This allows them to allocate more time and resources to growing their business and serving their customers better.

Access to Expertise:

Access to Expertise:

Dubai-based accounting service providers are well-versed in local tax regulations, financial reporting standards, and legal requirements. They can offer specialized expertise and stay updated with changes in UAE accounting and taxation laws.

Data Security:

Data Security:

Reputable accounting firms prioritize data security and confidentiality. They implement robust security measures to safeguard sensitive financial information, protecting businesses from potential data breaches.
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Why Choose Spade ?

We offer some of the most crucial bookkeeping & accounting advisory services online to help manage your business.

Bookkeeping and Outsourcing: A Step-By-Step Guide

  • Assess Your Bookkeeping Needs
  • Find a Reputable Bookkeeping Service Provider
  • Communicate Your Requirements and Expectations
  • Monitor and Evaluate Performance

We evaluate your business requirements and determine the scope of bookkeeping tasks that need to be outsourced. Consider factors such as the volume of transactions, complexity of financial records, and specific reporting needs.

We research and identify bookkeeping service providers that specialize in your industry and have a track record of delivering reliable and accurate services. Consider factors such as their experience, expertise, certifications, client reviews, and pricing structure.

We clearly communicate your bookkeeping requirements, expectations, and any specific reporting needs to the chosen service provider. Provide them with all the necessary financial documentation, access to relevant systems or software, and guidelines for handling sensitive information.

We regularly monitor the bookkeeping services provided by the outsourcing partner. Review financial reports, statements, and any other deliverables to ensure accuracy and compliance. We conduct periodic evaluations of the outsourcing partner's performance against agreed-upon key performance.

Best Accounting Advisory Services and Professional Bookkeeping Services

Have 100% ownership of your business without the need for a local sponsor. This gives you complete control over your operations, decision-making, and future growth.

What Comes Under Accounting?

Preparing tax returns

Payroll services

Cash handling services

E-Accounting services

Preparing financial statements

Tax Services

Accounts payable/receivable

Trial balance reconciliation

Preparing balance sheet

What Comes Under Book Keeping?

Recording information

Debt planning & reduction

Labor cost management

Invoice processing services

Tax Services

Tax Documentation

Bank Reconciliations

Tax Services

Audit Support

General Ledger Maintenance

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If you're looking for a reliable and trustworthy company to help you with company formation in Dubai, look no further. Spade exceeded my expectations and provided me with excellent services for company formation in Dubai from start to finish. They helped me in almost everything ranging from accounting, compliance, payrolls, international expansion, and much more. The Dubai team was very well experienced in the local market and they had a good understanding of the local rules and regulations needed for my company setup in Dubai.

Inderprastha Orchards

If you need assistance with company formation in Dubai, there is no need to search any further. With regard to company creation in Dubai, Spade went above and beyond my expectations and gave me first-rate support from beginning to end. They assisted me in practically all areas, including payroll, international expansion, compliance, accounting, and more. The Dubai team had a wealth of knowledge about the local economy and a solid grasp of the laws and ordinances that would be necessary for my company's establishment in Dubai.

Deepak Shenoy

Spade offered me the best in class services in setting up the business in Dubai. The Spade people helped me a lot in finalizing the area for my company formation in Dubai. The staff is very professional and they covered almost everything ranging from the accounting, compliance, taxation, immigration, payroll and much more. If you are looking for corporate finance and strategic advisory firm, they are the best business consultants in Dubai.

Digvijay Singh

I and my elder brother have recently started our business in Dubai. We had an amazing experience working with Spade Consulting. They helped us a lot in setting up the business in Free Zone in Dubai. If you are looking for the best business consultants in Dubai and need help in company formation and business in Dubai then definitely go with Spade Consulting. It is really very important to deal with the right company whenever you are getting started with the company setup in Dubai. We are really happy that Spade helped us in each and every process starting from the accounting to payrolls and everything.

Tanish Verma

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Our team at Spade Consulting comprises highly skilled and experienced accountants.

With advanced certifications such as Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and years of practical experience, our professionals possess in-depth knowledge of accounting principles, tax laws, and industry best practices.

We stay updated on the latest regulations and trends to provide you with accurate and reliable financial guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your most pressing questions

When considering outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai, the average pricing typically falls within the range of 9,999 AED to 19,999 AED per year. The exact cost is influenced by the complexity and duration of the required services.

It is advisable to update your financial records on a monthly basis or even more frequently. This entails diligently recording your income and expenses, along with regularly reconciling your bank statements.

Accountancy firms primarily focus on providing accounting and auditing services as their core activities. However, we often extend our offerings to include a diverse range of additional services, such as merger audits, insolvency services, tax advice, investment services, and management consulting.

There are several types of accounting services that cater to different financial needs and requirements. The Major types of accounting services include

  1. Bookkeeping
  2. Tax preparation & planning
  3. Auditing
  4. Financial statement preparation
  5. Payroll processing
  6. Budgeting & forecasting
  7. Management accounting
  8. Consulting
  9. Forensic accounting
  10. International accounting & taxation
  11. Personal financial planning
  12. Financial software support
  13. Nonprofit accounting
  14. Outsourced CFO services

A bookkeeper plays a crucial role in the financial management of a business. Here are some ways a bookkeeper can help your business:

Accurate Financial Records: A bookkeeper ensures that your financial records are accurate, complete, and up to date. They record all financial transactions, such as sales, purchases, expenses, and payments, into the accounting system. This allows you to have a clear and reliable picture of your business's financial health.

Financial Organization: By organizing and categorizing financial data, a bookkeeper helps maintain an orderly system for tracking and retrieving financial information. This makes it easier to analyze your business's financial performance, prepare financial statements, and meet reporting requirements.

Timely and Reliable Financial Reports: A bookkeeper can generate regular financial reports, such as income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. These reports provide valuable insights into your business's profitability, liquidity, and overall financial position. Having access to accurate and timely reports enables informed decision-making and helps you monitor the financial progress of your business.

Support for Financial Analysis: A bookkeeper can provide financial data and reports that support financial analysis and decision-making. They can help analyze trends, identify key performance indicators, and provide insights into the financial aspects of your business.

Overall, a bookkeeper's role is to maintain accurate financial records, provide financial insights, and support the financial management of your business. By having a skilled bookkeeper on board, you can focus on running your business while having confidence in the integrity of your financial data.