Dubai Design District Free Zone

Dubai Design District Free Zone fosters a robust ecosystem that is required by the designers, who nurture emerging creatives who seek a platform for their startups.
Dubai Design District

Dubai Design District Free Zone

Dubai Design District Free Zone is located in the heart of the city. Adjacent to Business Bay, the jurisdiction is approximately 5-10 minutes from the world’s tallest tower Burj Khalifa. With an annual visitor count of over 75 million, the vibrant district is only 6 minutes from the Dubai International Financial Centre and 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport. Dubai Design District is dedicated to innovative designs, housing a rich mix of cutting edge industrial, product, interior, architectural, conceptual, graphic and digital designs.

Dubai’s luxury design and fashion sectors are poised for dramatic growth. Tourists account for 40% of global luxury spend, and Dubai’s strong tourism numbers foster steady growth in luxury spendings. Developers are allocating higher budgets for interior design and architecture, establishing expectations of double-digit growth. Additionally, Expo 2020 is set to spur sizable investments in infrastructure, design, and new ideas, boosting local businesses too.

Established in 2013, Dubai Design District Free Zone is the region’s first hub. With 50+ nationalities and 10,000+ professionals, “Dubai Design District Free Zone” is paving the path for design, fashion, and culture. The jurisdiction brings together trendsetters and forward-thinkers who shape the future of design every day. Dubai Design District Free Zone fosters a robust ecosystem for both recognized designers and emerging creatives who seek a nurturing platform for their startups. Dubai Design District Free Zone is the ideal platform for art and design to come alive in Dubai.  

The key benefits of setting up business in Dubai Design Distict:

The other main advantage of setting up a company in Dubai Design District Free Zone is easy access to the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region, which boasts a population of 381 million people (6% of the world’s population). 50% of this demographic are under the age of 25 and fashion-oriented, which shall ultimately drive the future of design forward.

The district draws in inspiring ideas from across the region, establishing a collective for designers to create and collaborate, while opening up a vast new market and unearthing emerging talent.

1. Location: Dubai Design District Free Zone, in the Emirate of Dubai, (UAE)

2. Proposed activity: “Marketing,” “Fashion,” “Luxury,“ “Interior,“ “Furniture & Objects,” “Design,“ ”E-Commerce,” and “Ancillary Services” such as “Modeling,” “Photography,” “Studio Space,“ “Image, Fashion and Luxury Consultancy,” and “Visual Merchandising“ activities related to “Beauty Care” and “Art,“ along with many other activities falling under the freelancer category.

3. License available: Commercial license

4. Types of entity: Free Zone Limited Liability Company, Branch office and Subsidiary company

5. Shareholder: Individual(s) and/or Corporate entity(ies)

6. Director: Individuals only and Shareholder can also be a Director

7. Share capital: Minimum of AED 50,000/-, Not required for Branch
Minimum of AED 100,000/- in case of manufacturing related activities

8. Audit: Annual audit report is not required to be filled

9. Estimated time: Minimum of 4 weeks to incorporate the company

10. Cost: License fees starts from AED 15,000/- and above.

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