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Organizations today operate in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous) environment. The leadership is constantly faced with dilemmas concerning growth, operational & financial performance and sustainability.

We offer comprehensive tailor-made strategic support to help you make right choices backed by facts and remain ahead of the competition.

We develop the strategic roadmap, work alongside you during the implementation journey to help with complex regulatory and legal structures and provide project management support.

We add further value through our strong network of experts and SMEs across industries in emerging Asian markets such as India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Myanmar.

In all, we serve as an integrated service partner designing a package of services that is relevant specifically to your business.

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Virtual CFO

For businesses, the focus remains increasing shareholder value and customer satisfaction.

In a large firm, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) ensures growth plan realizations and bottom line performance through tax effective operating structures, efficient funding, investor relations and compliant processes.

However, a business doesn’t necessarily have to invest in a full-time CFO at its early stages.

We at Spade offer you a plug-n-play solution – Virtual CFO. It is similar to a full-time CFO, except the position is not on your payroll. This flexible engagement model provides you the strategic inputs and by an experienced CFO in a cost-effective and customised manner.  

We offer our services for both the businesses and investors.

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Post the global financial crisis, banks, private equity funds and other finance providers have revised their risk tolerances and tightened the financing criteria.

This has resulted in restricted access to new credit and equity for the businesses.

Our capital advisory team helps you on a broad range of strategic and tactical issues, including capital structure optimization, funding support tailored to meet the unique needs and strategies of your business, negotiate advantageous financing terms and investor communications strategies.

We take a credit-focused approach and offer a range of customised services.  

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Tax Advisory

The global tax landscape is changing in terms of rules, regulations and treaties. Strategies efficient in past may not work today.

Successful companies need to consider tax implications as an important decision lever for business decisions and profit maximization.

We play a pivotal role in supporting corporate decision-making through our comprehensive tax advisory services.

Our team of company secretaries, accountants, tax consultants, lawyers, immigration specialists and company registration specialists can help you remain compliant with relevant rules and regulations.  

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We serve as your one-stop shop for corporate compliance with a full suite of services to help assist with your secretarial, immigration, accounting and payroll needs.

We also assist in obtaining business licenses , such as application for relevant government grants and incentives before you commence your business operations.

Our compliance team comprises of professionals with extensive experience in advising companies across jurisdictions to manage their requirements.

Leveraging on our knowledge and understanding of regulatory requirements, we can assist you in delivering effective and practical results to meet compliance demands.  

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