Sharjah Media City Free Zone

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Sharjah Media City

Sharjah Media City Free Zone

Sharjah Media City was established as a “Free Zone” in February 2017. As a premium, world-class hub for media and creative businesses, the region fosters an ecosystem of co-creation and innovation.

Today, the vibrant free zone hosts media professionals from over 160 countries, expanding its global reach. The base is located 30 minutes from Dubai International Airport and 15 minutes from 15 minutes from Sharjah International Airport as a prime jurisdiction for media professionals housing a wide range of business activities such as “software publishing,” “satellite telecommunications activities,” “specialized design activities,” and “reproduction of recorded media.”

As the UAE’s fastest growing “Free Zone,” Sharjah Media City attracts foreign investment and spurs significant content creation and media curation as a leading global authority.

Sharjah Media City Free Zone helps freelancers and media companies embark upon an exciting creative journey. With a dynamic, culturally diverse atmosphere and world-class infrastructure, the region fosters growth for established and emerging media conglomerates. Featuring “residential plazas,” “commercial office complexes,” and more business facilities, Sharjah Media City Free Zone provides a harmonious, community-centered approach which nurtures creation for businesses in an excellent location.  

The key benefits of establishing a business in SMC:

1. Location: Sharjah Media City Free Zone, Sharjah, (U.A.E.)

2. Proposed activity: “Arts, Entertainment & Recreation,” “Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services,” “Manufacturing,” “Information & Communication” and other activities related to “Wholesale & Retail”

3. License available: Service License, E-Commerce License, Trading License, Holding License, Freelance Permit

4. Types of entities: Free Zone- Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC), Branch office & Subsidiaries

5. Shareholder: Individual(s) and/or Corporate entity(ies)

6. Director: Individuals only and the shareholder can also be a director

7. Share capital: AED 100,000/- required for FZ-LLC. No capital required for Branch office

No capital required for freelancers

8. Audit: Annual audit report is not required to be filled.

9. Estimated time: Minimum of 4 weeks to register and incorporate the company

10. Cost: License fees start from AED 5,750/, however it varies from activity to activity

We kindly request you to send us an enquiry, and we will provide a detailed offer proposal for your careful consideration.  

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