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UAE Mainland companies are registered under the Department of Economic Development (DED), and are permitted to conduct a variety of professional activities, from industrial to trading activities (as long as they abide by the DED’s business rules & regulations).

Business setup in UAE Mainland could be time-consuming and tedious. Leave it to our experts who excel in fast, authentic and result oriented industry knowledge to set up your UAE Mainland business.

However, setting up a business in UAE Mainland generally requires professional guidance. As a leading company set up business, Spade Consult can help you navigate international markets and set up your business in UAE Mainland in no time.

As a leading company in setting up business, Spade Consult can help you navigate international markets and set up your business in Mainland UAE in no time. 
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Required documentation

Registration. Legal forms. The road towards establishing a Mainland company in the UAE is long and winding. At Spade Consult, we handle the licensing, registration, and approval process in the UAE Mainland so you don’t have to. Leave it to our business consultants for expert advice and assistance.  

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The advantages are numerous.

  • Exemption from corporate & personal income taxes
  • Freedom to trade and grow in international markets and across the UAE
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • Greater scope to expand your company


Choose Spade Consult. Our unparalleled company setup services will help you with business incorporation, documentation, and more to establish your business in UAE Mainland.

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How to setup Business UAE Mainland

Steps to setup business

There’s a few things you’ll need to know before starting a Mainland company in the UAE. We’ve got you covered with our hassle-free business checklist. Stick around.

1. Select Your Business Activity

First things first. Before launching your business and acquiring company setup services, you need to select your desired industry and business activity. Mainland jurisdictions offer a variety of business activities, from trading to agriculture. Additionally, unlike free zone businesses, trading in 2000+ business activities (strictly those approved by DED) are permissible for expatriates and foreign investors.

2. Pinpoint your jurisdiction

So, you've selected your desired business activity. The next hurdle? Choosing an ideal location to conduct your business. During this step, considering your industry, chosen business activity and registration requirements is key. Do you want to open future branch offices? Conduct imports and exports from a mainland port? You need to analyze the various mainland jurisdictions available and select the best location for your business.

3. Decide your mainland business legal structure

In the mainland, the most recognized and common business legal structure is a Limited Liability Company (LLC). However, there are several alternative business legal structures available as well. As an LLC (an entity owned by two or more shareholders) requires a local sponsor, businesses may also set up a professional service company, which can be 100% foreign-owned by expatriate businesspeople.

4. Local Sponsor or Agent

If you are trading under a commercial license or industrial license (under an LLC business legal structure), the law requires your business to obtain a local sponsor. In this case, your business would be 51% owned by a UAE national or UAE-based company.

5. Choose a Name

In the UAE, there are several guidelines to keep in mind while choosing a name for your business. While it is permitted to use your full name, you must simultaneously respect UAE customs and regulations by refraining from offensive language when selecting an appropriate name for your business. Additionally, as your company's name is a critical decision in your entrepreneurship journey, keeping a name that exudes and reflects your brand values is important.

6. Mainland Trade License

Applying for a mainland trade license with DED requires ample documentation, including a memorandum of sponsor arrangement, filling out a trade license application and more.

7. Acquiring an Office Space within your Jurisdiction

Once you have completed the necessary paperwork and acquired a mainland trade license, the next step is to find an office space. Whether you want a fully furnished space (generally maintained by a third party) or a vacant area (in which furniture, decorations, office equipment, and more are required), the options are plentiful. As rent, utility bills and permission to use the office location are covered by the initial lease agreement, you don't have to worry about those bills.

8. Employee and Dependent Visas

Mainland businesses may apply for as many visas as corresponding to their designated office or warehouse space. In an office, the number of visas allotted will correspond directly to office space per 100 sq. ft. However, for remote companies, the rule differs due to the different office space needs. For dependent visas, business owners are permitted to sponsor family and domestic workers.

9. On-Boarding a UAE Company Setup Consultant

The last step? Partnering with the right UAE company setup consultant. At Spade Consult, our dedicated team of company formation experts are thoroughly well-versed in UAE business regulations, and how to start a UAE mainland company.

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